The footballs

Why give footballs?

“As I travel around Africa, I am constantly aware that a football keeps kids off the streets, promotes a healthier life and provides an essential link in the greatest tenet of African life Ubuntu, the care for all humanity by humans.

I am inspired by the idea of seeing thousands of kids playing in the foothills of the Drakensberg, on the Cape Flats, in the deserts of northern Namibia and on the still-bushy fields of Zambia. They are all playing with one of our balls.”
“John Haycock”

Our founder, John Haycock, comes from South Africa and is a tour operator based in London. His company, Africa Explorer,specialises in mid-market safaris and holidays in many parts of southern Africa.

As his clients prepared to go to Africa on safari, holiday or business, the most common question that John was asked was “What’s the best thing I could take as a gift?”

In the past, the answer was pens or T-shirts, or good clean clothing. But each of these was essentially a gift for an individual and, to be frank, may cause jealousy.

So what about a ball? It’s an ideal game-starter, is good for boys and girls, and for all ages. So why not take Africa footballs?

Find out how you can help

Eye-catching design

With the excitement of the last FIFA World Cup in Africa, we designed the footballs with the different country’s colours.

Buy now

The need is there

The best way to help now is to BUY A FOOTBALL ONLINE, we’ll send the balls to you for your trip. Alternatively we can deliver it to the kids for you click here to see some of the kids that have received balls from us. If you’d just like to help you can also make adonation.

£2 from every ball sold goes to help needy children.

Buying in quantity

If you’re buying for a company or school that would like to place a bulk order. For a minimum of 300 balls a logo and message can be printed on the panels and the colours on the balls can also be customised to your requirements.

An order of 300 balls generates £600 to help children in Africa. This money goes a long way to help one of our charities.

This is ideal for promoting your business, either as a consumer incentive, a dealer loader, as part of a CR programme or as a thank you to staff.

Here are some of the organisations that have used our balls:

South African Airways (SAA)
Namibia Tourism
Cape Town Tourism
Mpumalanga T&P Agency
Steppes Travel
Fujitsu & DB Shenker
De Putron Fund Management
Europcar South Africa
Mocoh Oil

We’re flexible

If 300 is too many we can put some companies together to make up the bulk order.

It is possible for several small businesses, lodges, hotels or retail outlets to share the cost of 300 balls and each can have their logo on the balls.

For example, a number of Mozambique businesses, from lodges to airlines to ground handlers successfully bought and distributed 500 balls – making literally thousands of children very happy and contributing significantly to a small clinic in Vilankulos, Mozambique.

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