About us

Our aim

Footballs For Fun is a charity that aims to get footballs to the children of Africa, while at the same time generating funds to support charities working for the welfare of children.

Our goal is to improve the lives of vulnerable children in Africa, including:

• those affected by the scourge of HIV/Aids
• those suffering from malaria, TB or polio
• victims of abuse, drug-related or otherwise

Funds generated from the sale of footballs are handed over to Footballs For Fun Trust, a UK Registered Charity No. 1129104. The Charity is responsible for managing and distributing the accumulated funds.

How we do this

We give support to registered children’s charities and to informal groups or individuals caring for these vulnerable children. Usually we donate funds, but only if they are a registered not for profit organisation (NPO) with a designated bank account. Sometimes we purchase for them items they require; we never hand out cash. We also support projects to improve the health of children, such as providing clean drinking water.

The carers we support are people we have met or who have been recommended to us, and where possible we make on-site visits ourselves. In addition, we take advice from local professionals and workers to ensure that donations are appropriate, relevant and properly applied. Feedback reports are required and follow up visits are made where possible.

We believe we are unusual among charities in that 100% of the money raised goes to our chosen causes for the benefit of children in Africa; our trustees are not reimbursed for travel, the on-site visits or any other expenses.

How we raise funds

Funds are generated mainly from the sale of footballs: for each football sold, £2 goes to the charity. In addition, the charity receives donations and sponsorships.

What we have achieved

To date we distributed roughly £25,000 to help children in Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. With the small, hand picked, charities we support donations go a long way.

Examples of charities we have supported:

Zenzele, Winnie Mambaso Foundation, South Africa
Mama Winnie founded the Zenzele Centre near Johannesburg in 2000 to provide food, shelter and education for vulnerable children and orphans. Since she passed away in October 2010 the Centre has struggled to maintain their work, despite support from State agencies. We visited the centre in April 2011 and were impressed by what was being achieved in spite of limited resources.

Tariro – Hope for Youth, Zimbabwe
The charity, established by the Anglican Church in Zimbabwe, is a fast growing charity that focuses on teenage vulnerable children and orphans, providing shelter, food and training. An example is James, a homeless lad who expressed an interest in the kitchen, was trained as a chef, and now works professionally.

In Kenya,The Rehema Daycare, School and Orphan Center in the Korogocho slum of Nairobi and the God Our Father Centre for Needy Children in Watamu, a village on the coast, provide shelter and care for vulnerable children, including orphans, some of whom have been abandoned or sexually abused or are seriously ill.

Trust and Trustees

Footballs For Fun Trust
Registered as a charity in the UK in April 2009.
Charity number: 1129104.
Registered address: 5 Strand on the Green, London W4 3PQ.

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